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1 Keating on construction contracts / Donald Keating KN 83.4 KEA Keating, Donald,, author
2 Schemes of arrangement in corporate restructuring / Christian Pilkington KN 262.5 PIL Pilkington, Christian,, author
3 Arlidge and Parry on fraud / Anthony Arlidge, Alexander Milne, Polly Sprenger and Jonathan Fisher KM 547 ARL Arlidge, Anthony,, author
4 Enforcement of a judgment / Stephen Allinson KN 395.2 ALL Allinson, Stephen,, author
5 Consumer and trading standards: law and practice / Bryan Lewin and Jonathan Kirk KN 284 LEW Lewin, Bryan,, author
6 Hollington on shareholders' rights / Robin Hollington KN 263.62 HOL Hollington, Robin,, author
7 Misrepresentation, mistake and non-disclosure / John Cartwright KN 15.4 CAR Cartwright, John,, author
8 The power of process: the value of due process in Security Council sanctions decision-making / Devika Hovell KC 416 HOV Hovell, Devika,, author
9 Rook & Ward on sexual offences law and practice / Peter Rook and Robert Ward KM 544 ROO Rook, Peter,, author
10 Goff & Jones the law of unjust enrichment / Robert Goff KN 20.2 GOF Goff, Robert,, author
11 Craies on legislation: a practitioners' guide to the nature, process, effect and interpretation of legislation / W. F. Craies KL 36 CRA Craies, W. F.,, author
12 The modern law of trade marks / Christopher Morcom, Ashley Roughton and Thomas St Quintin KN 114.2 MOR Morcom, Christopher,, author
13 Disclosure: (being the fifth edition of discovery) / Paul Matthews and Hodge M. Malek KN 284.1 MAT Matthews, Paul,, author
14 Theobald on wills / Henry Studdy Theobald KN 125 THE Theobald, Henry Studdy,, author
15 Underhill and Hayton law relating to trusts and trustees / Arthur Underhill; general editor David Hayton KN 210 UND Underhill, Arthur,, author
16 Equity & trusts / Michael Haley and Lara McMurtry KN 200 HAL Haley, Michael,, author
17 The doctrine of res judicata before international commercial arbitral tribunals / Silja Schaffstein KN 384.5 SCH Schaffstein, Silja,, author
18 Contract law: the fundamentals / Ryan Murray KN 10 MUR Murray, Ryan,, author
19 Family law / Duncan Holmes KN 170 HOL Holmes, Duncan,, author
20 Construction law: law and practice relating to the construction industry / John Uff KN 84 UFF Uff, John,, author
21 Introduction to shipping / Cheong Kwee Thiam KN 332 CHE Cheong, Kwee Thiam,, author
22 Introduction to labour and industrial laws / Avtar Singh and Harpreet Kaur KN 190 SIN Singh, Avtar,, author
23 Defamation principles and procedure in Singapore and Malaysia / Doris Chia KN 38.2 CHI Chia, Doris,, author
24 Making the modern criminal law: criminalization and civil order / Lindsay Farmer KM 500 FAR Farmer, Lindsay,, author