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No. Select Title Call No Author Year
1 Corporate powers accountability / Loh Siew Cheang KN 255 LOH Loh, Siew Cheang,, author
2 Chitty on contracts / Joseph Chitty KN 10 CHI Chitty, Joseph,, author
3 The interpretation of contracts: first supplement to the sixth edition / Kim Lewison KN 10 LEW Lewison, Kim,, author
4 The Civil court practice 2019 / general editor P. K. J. Thompson KN 350 CIV
5 The Civil court practice: August supplement / general editor P. K. J. Thompson KN 350 CIV
6 The Civil court practice 2019: procedure and guidance 1 KN 350 CIV
7 The Civil court practice 2019: procedure and guidance 2 KN 350 CIV
8 Taylor on criminal appeals / edited by Paul Taylor KM 595 TAY
9 Employment law in Singapore / Ravi Chandran KN 192.S48 CHA Chandran, Ravi,, author
10 McGregor on damages / Harvey McGregor KN 37.1 MCG McGregor, Harvey,, author
11 McGregor on damages: first supplement to the twentieth edition / Harvey McGregor KN 37.1 MCG Gregor, Harvey,, author
12 Family law in Malaysia / Daleleer Kaur Randawar, Nur Ezan Rahmat and Akbar Kamarudin @ Abdul Shukor KN 170 M24 DAL Daleleer Kaur Randawar,, author
13 Minority shareholders' rights and remedies / Margaret Chew KN 263.73 CHE Chew, Margaret,, author
14 Insolvency litigation: a practical guide / edited by Sarah McLennan and Adam Deacock KN 313 INS
15 Illegality and public policy / R. A. Buckley KN 15.1 BUC Buckey, R. A.,, author
16 Essentials of corporate law & governance in Singapore / Lan Luh Luh KN 261 S48 LAN Lan, Luh Luh, author
17 Proportionality in law: an analytical perspective / edited by David Duarte and Jorge Silva Sampaio KA 70 PRO
18 Miller on contempt of court / C. J. Miller KM 563.3 MIL Miller, C. J.,, author
19 Phipson on evidence / Sidney L. Phipson KN 390 PHI Phipson, Sidney L.,, author
20 Documentary evidence / Charles Hollander KN 390 HOL Hollander, Charles, author
21 Good faith and fault in contract law / edited by Jack Beatson and Daniel Friedmann KN 10 GOO
22 The independence principle of letters of credit and demand guarantees / Nelson Enonchong KN 306.44 ENO Enonchong, Nelson,, author
23 Commercial aspects of trusts and fiduciary obligations / edited by Ewan McKendrick KN 210 COM
24 De Smith's judicial review: first supplement to the eighth edition / S. A. De Smith KM 306 DES De Smith, S. A. (Stanley A.),, author
25 Benjamin's sale of goods: first supplement to the 10th edition / Judah Philip Benjamin KN 280 BEN Benjamin, Judah Philip,, author
26 Contract formation: law and practice/ / Michael Furmston, G. J. Tolhurst; contributor, Eliza Mik KN 13 FUR Furmston, Michael,, author
27 Anti-money laundering and counter financing of terrorism law in Malaysia / Norhashimah Mohd Yasin and Mohd Yazid Zul Kepli KM 540.6 M24 NOR Norhashimah Mohd Yasin,, author
28 Principles of contractual interpretation / Richard Calnan KN 10 CAL Calnan, Richard,, author
29 De Smith's judicial review / S. A. De Smith KM 306 DES De Smith, S. A. (Stanley A.),, author
30 Statutory interpretation in Australia / Dennis C. Pearce and Robert S. Geddes KL 35 A82 PEA Pearce, Dennis C.,, author
31 Medical negligence / Michael A. Jones KN 33.33 M4 JON Jones, Michael A.,, author
32 Guest on the law of assignment / Ying Khai Liew KN 14.2 YIN Ying, Khai Liew, author
33 Benjamin's sale of goods / Judah Philip Benjamin KN 280 BEN Benjamin, Judah Philip,, author
34 McMeel on the construction of contracts: interpretation, implication, and rectification / Gerard McMeel KN 13 MCM McMeel, Gerard,, author
35 Company law / Pearlie M. C. Koh KN 261 KOH Koh, Pearlie M. C.,, author
36 Liquidated damages and penalty clauses / Roger Halson KN 37.1 HAL Halson, Roger,, author
37 The law of insolvency / Ian F. Fletcher KN 312 FLE Fletcher, Ian F., author