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1 UNCITRAL model law & arbitration rules: the Arbitration Act 2005 (amended 2011 & 2018) and the AIAC Arbitration Rules 2018 / Sundra Rajoo; special contributor Thomas R. Klotzel KC 1250 SUN Sundra Rajoo,, author
2 Central-local relations in asian constitutional systems / Andrew Harding and Mark Sidel KM 362 HAR Harding, Andrew,, author
3 Bullen & Leake & Jacob's precedents of pleadings / Edward Bullen KN 383 BUL Bullen, Edward,, author
4 Commercial litigation: pre-emptive remedies / Emeritus editor-in-Chief Iain S. Goldrein KN 350.Z71 COM
5 Expert evidence: law and practice / Tristram Hodgkinson KN 391.5 HOD Hodgkinson, Tristram,, author
6 Law of bank payments / edited by Michael Brindle and Raymond Cox KN 303 LAW
7 Spencer-Bower: reliance-based estoppel: the law of reliance-based estoppel and related doctrines / George Spencer-Bower KN 384.4 SPE Spencer-Bower, George,, author
8 Law and practice of injunctions, interim measures and search orders in Singapore / general editor Daniel Koh KN 232.S48 LAW
9 Constitutionalism and the rule of law: bridging idealism and realism / edited by Maurice Adams, Anne Meuwese and Ernst Hirsch Ballin KM 31 CON
10 A company's right to damages for non-pecuniary loss / Vanessa Wilcox KN 37.1 WIL Wilcox, Vanessa,, author
11 Constitutional courts in Asia: a comparative perspective / edited by Albert H. Y. Chen and Andrew Harding KL 222 CON
12 Commercial remedies: resolving controversies / edited by Graham Virgo and Sarah Worthington KN 250 COM
13 Dissenting judgments in the law / edited by Neal Geach and Christopher Monaghan KN 395 DIS
14 Risk and negligence in property transactions / edited by John De Waal KN 70.7 RIS
15 Proof of causation in tort law / Sandy Steel KN 33.1 STE Steel, Sandy,, author
16 Injunctions / David Bean, Andrew Burns and Isabel Parry KN 232 BEA Bean, David,, author
17 Remedies for breach of privacy / edited by Jason N. E. Varuhas and N. A. Moreham KM 209.P7 REM
18 Business crimes at stake: contemporary legal issues / edited by Asmah Laili Yeon, Haslinda Mohd Anuar and Mohammad Azam Hussain KM 540.4 BUS
19 Democracy at work in Malaysia / edited by Mohd Azizuddin Mohd Sani and Ummu Atiyah Ahmad Zakuan KM 39.M24 DEM
20 Kerly's law of trade marks and trade names / Duncan M. Kerly KN 114.2 KER Kerly, Duncan M.,, author
21 Interpretation of contracts / Catherine Mitchell KN 10 MIT Mitchell, Catherine,, author
22 Misrepresentation, mistake and non-disclosure / John Cartwright KN 15.4 CAR Cartwright, John,, author
23 Snell's equity / Edmund Henry Turner Snell KN 200 SNE Snell, Edmund Henry Turner,, author
24 Colinvaux's law of insurance / Raoul P. Colinvaux KN 290 COL Colinvaux, Raoul P.,, author
25 Hudson's building and engineering contracts / Alfred Hudson KN 83.8 HUD Hudson, Alfred,, author
26 Minority shareholders: law, practice, and procedure / Victor Joffe, David Drake, Giles Richardson, Daniel Lightman dan Timothy Collingwood KN 263.73 JOF Joffe, Victor,, author
27 Carver on charterparties / Thomas Gilbert Carver KN 337.4 CAR Carver, Thomas Gilbert,, author
28 Lightman & Moss on the law of administrators and receivers of companies / Gavin Lightman, Gabriel Moss, Hamish Anderson, Ian F. Fletcher and Richard Snowden KN 312.4 LIG , author
29 Bowstead and Reynolds on agency / William Bowstead KN 25 BOW Bowstead, William,, author
30 Bowstead and Reynolds on agency: second supplement to the twenty-first edition / William Bowstead KN 25 BOW Bowstead, William,, author
31 Clerk & Lindsell on torts: second supplement to the twenty-second edition / Frederick John Clerk KN 30 CLE Clerk, John Frederic,, author
32 Clerk & Lindsell on torts / John Frederic Clerk KN 30 CLE Clerk, John Frederic,, author
33 Arnould: law of marine insurance and average / Joseph Arnould KN 335 ARN Arnould, Joseph,, author
34 Arnould: law of marine insurance and average: second cumulative supplement to the nineteenth edition / Joseph Arnould KN 335 ARN Arnould, Joseph,, author
35 Copinger and Skone James on copyright / W. A. Copinger KN 112 COP Copinger, W. A.,, author
36 Copinger and Skone James on copyright: second cumulative supplement to the seventeenth edition / W. A. Copinger KN 112 COP Copinger, W. A.,, author
37 Pluralist constitutions in Southeast Asia / edited by Jaclyn L. Neo and Bui Ngoc Son KM 31 PLU
38 Constitutions, religion and politics in Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka / Dian A. H. Shah KM 206 SHA Shah, Dian A. H.,, author
39 Foskett on compromise / David Foskett KN 388.3 FOS Foskett, David,, author
40 Remedies for default in islamic banking Home and car financing / Rusni Hassan KD 679 RUS Rusni Hassan, author
41 The Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976 Commentary and cases / Nuraisyah Chua Abdullah KN 172 Nur Nuraisyah Chua Abdullah,, author
42 Construction Adjudication in Malaysia / Lam Wai Loon KN 84.4 M24 LAM Lam Wai Loon,, author
43 Administration of estates in Malaysia: law and procedure / Akmal Hidayah Halim KD 642.M24 AKM Akmal Hidayah Halim,, author
44 Sports law in Malaysia: governance and legal issues / Jady Zaidy Hassim KN 186.6 M24 JAD Jady Zaidi Hassim,, author